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The Science Behind The Venus Factor

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The Science Behind The Venus Factor

Leptin is the hormone that controls fat metabolism, and it operates differently in men and women.

The Venus Factor plan differs from other diets because it’s designed to control your metabolism by impacting both the level of leptin and the effectiveness of leptin in YOUR body

This is why Venus is so much better than every other diet plan on the market: it’s designed specifically for women’s physiology and metabolism. Then it’s fine tuned to YOUR individual physiology.

The 12 week program, the 12 week weight loss program, which comes with Venus sets out a protocol showing you exactly what you need to do each week while you’re dieting.

Having said that, even here the details of the protocol are adjusted to fit your specific requirements. That’s done by the use of the unique Venus Factor diet calculator program which is provided free of charge as part of your membership.

It’s what Author John Barban calls your Venus Factor virtual nutritionist.

This free program will produce two important calorie counts for you each week: first, the calories you need to eat in a week, to maximize your fat loss, and second, the number of calories you can eat if you wish to maintain your weight at a certain point.

Each week, the 12 week program will show you precisely how to use those numbers to ensure that you continue to lose weight and achieve your target weight at the end of the program.

This is a 12 week rapid weight loss program.

And I’m really sorry if anything that I’ve written above isn’t clear: what I need to emphasize is that the PDF manual you receive when you join includes complete instructions on how to use the software, so it’s actually very simple to get the data you need

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